THE AUTHOR OF THIS gazillionth blog on the World Wide Web is one of the 7.5 billion and some humanoids crowding Planet Earth and trying to figure what life is all about.

Now and again, I’ll share some musings that seem important to me here on this site. Perhaps some of them will seem important—though not particularly profound—to you, as well.

As for my identity, I am past my seventh decade of using up my share of Earth’s resources, and will at some point leave in my wake four children and eight grandchildren—each of whom approaches perfection!

Through the years, I’ve attended a beautiful boarding high school in the fir-clad mountains of my home state of Oregon, graduated with a bachelor’s sheepskin from Pacific Union College, similarly beautiful and located high above California’s Wine Country in Angwin, California. I closed out my formal education with a Masters in Divinity from the Andrews University Theological Seminary in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Launching forth into “real life,” I pastored churches for some dozen years or so, and worked as an editor at my church’s publishing houses, ending my career there as Vice President for Editorial at Pacific Press in southern Idaho. Following a stint as a managing editor at Coffey Communications in Walla Walla, Washington, I resumed a writing and editorial services business I had earlier set up, called Page One Communications.

After a divorce in 1986, I spent 20 years in another serious relationship, which ultimately didn’t go the distance. In late 2016, I remarried and moved from Southern California to Tennessee to be with my new wife Phyllis. We live on a tree-covered couple of acres outside the small town of Clinton, northeast of Knoxville.

Phyllis had also operated her own editorial services business called The Sentence Doctor. We’ve now merged our two enterprises as Page One Sentence Doctors. Do visit and browse!